Find your own happiness, find yourself.


our Brand

Ride down the path of style. Express your personality through a brand of freedom and easy living.  A style that envisions a travel through nature and time, to discover oneself and one’s own creative expression. Chill out, sit back and enjoy the view. Life is beautiful, life is People Republic.


They live a great summer party, a chill-out place under the moonlight. They are views, sensations, atmosphere… They experience independence and easy living, nature and friendship. Relax and charm to share with their best, authentic friends.

Find yourself in the wild nature. Perceive the freedom and loose yourself in the embrace of vintage and experienced garments. Warm up to the sound of passion and lumber, a candle light, a breath of winter…

Money is said to buy many things.  It can buy all that is material.  But life is not about that, life is about the search for happiness, and that’s something that money cannot buy. Find your own happyness, find yourself.



Denim define a person, they blend in with your life and describe your attitude, tastes and dreams. Like a urban outfit that is simple, ready for adventure and beautiful in an un-assuming kind of way.
Jeans are like a white canvas that follow and enhance your own personal style, they understand you like no other piece of garment. Denim is just there, when you open your closet, they are just waiting for you, to solve all your outfits, to be worn for ANY kind of use, to be worn everyday.



A T-shirts is a statement of self. It’s a view into your soul, a photographic dream you can wear. It shows adventures and let’s you go places and lands that are kept into your memory and that you had forgotten till now.

T-shirts are smart, easy and sincere. If you don’t want a sarcastic answer don’t ask a Tee. They are funny, realistic and dreamy.

Raw, washed, beaten, coloured, worn or trimmed… a T-shirt is chosen by you, and what you choose to show to others says a lot about yourself.

You can never go wrong with a basic #vintage #tee.